Dates: Saturday, January 25 – Sunday, January 26, 2019
Location: UNC Greensboro

Race remains an important indicator of well-being in US society. When other factors that are cited as the probable reasons for health or social problems (e.g., income, education, parent involvement, access to health insurance, etc.) are controlled for by statistical analyses, race remains an important, independent predictor of health, social, education, criminal justice and other outcomes.

The acclaimed Racial Equity Institute (REI) two-day Phase I Workshop is designed to help leaders and organizations who want to proactively understand and address racism, both in their organization and in the community where the organization is working. This two-day REI workshop series has been hosted by the UNCG University Libraries since 2018 to foster local discussion concerning racism today. Racism is a fierce, ever-present, challenging force, one which has structured the thinking, behavior, and actions of individuals and institutions since the beginning of U.S. history. To understand racism and effectively begin dismantling it requires an equally fierce, consistent, and committed effort.

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